Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vintage cake stands

                                       WELCOME TO MY COLLECTION OF CAKE STANDS

I love all Vintage China, but I could not resist this modern Laura Ashley three tier cake stand. It matches perfectly the ice cream colours in my kitchen, and is sturdy enough for everyday use. Anyway Laura Ashley had their sale on so I had to treat myself.....

This is my favourite  Vintage two tier cake stand. I love the simplicity of the flowers and the large expanse of a beautiful blue border. This one I picked up from a car boot sale many years ago.

This Vintage beauty is cream  with very delicate flowers and two shades of blue.

I purchased this three tier cake stand of ebay. It is made up of Vintage plates which compliment each other. It is a very delicate stand, and I think you will agree makes good use of vintage plates and makes them really special.

Anyone for tea?   Three tier cake stand made up from three matching modern plates. Unusual because all plates the same size.

I brought this plate stand back from France with two  matching smaller ones. They have been very well used and look very old. They are all marked  Fleur des Champs underneath.

My collection is fairly Small. But because of the height of the plate stands they are hard to store, unless you want to take them apart. So I have told myself that unless I love them and can't walk away, no more purchases.
                                        Wish me luck !.      

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