Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bertie Charlie and Baileys Weekly Adventures-Finding Treasure.

Hi Bailey here. I've had a very exciting week with my two new brothers Bertie and Charlie
 Bailey come out here! we have got a new game for you......
It's called digging for treasure..... You use your left paw then your right and keep going untill you
have a hole big enough for your head! Keep going Charlie your head is much bigger than mine.
The treasure you find Bailey is lots of stones to play with and one of my favourites Plant Roots.
They are so great to chew on. Mum likes to play this with us.  She chases us when we find the
treasures and she fills in the holes so we can dig some more. So we just keep playing because
it makes mum happy!
                                                          This is thirsty work Bertie.
Bailey you are not meant to take the treasures to Mum!  She likes to play chase with us. I think you
need more practice........

Come on Bailey time for bed.  We will practice more tomorrow. Move over Bertie Bailey coming
                                                GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY.

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