Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bertie Charlies and Baileys Weekly Adventures-Bailey What are you wearing?

Hope you have all kept dry this week. Mums been spending time done the stables mending a gate
post .She keeps coming back covered in mud. Bailey loves licking her boots, but I perfer to have
treats than mud....

Mum went to a craft fair the other day. ( Asked Bertie but we do not know what a craft fair is).
Anyway Mum brought Bailey a present  Ha !  Ha!

You can laugh Charlie but I love it. It keeps me lovely and warm and is just he right fit.

Mum says now she has brought this one. She can use it as a template to make you both one.
Not on your life Charlie run. No knitted jumpers for us. We are cool dogs!

Bailey let me help you get it off before Mum gets any more ideas!

That's better Bailey you look more like one of us now. Time for a rest now taking that jumper off
you was far too much hard work.


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