Saturday, November 17, 2012

Vintage China-Some of my collection

I thought you would like to see some more pictures of my Vintage China.

This set was brought from an antique shop in the New Forest. I could not resist the pretty colours.
There was a pink cup and saucer but it got broken when I moved house. It's always the good china!

Here are four more sets. My favourite is the set front left. It is such a simple design and shape.

Some other sets in my dresser.I love the two handled sugar bowl ( picked up from a car boot0 Also
I have started collecting sugar tongs. You can still get sugar cubes ( I found them in my local Tesco's).

You can see by this picure I collect plates, sugar bowls and milk jugs as well. If I think it's pretty
and the price is right it comes home with me.

This is my walkingware eggcups. I found these in a charity shop many years ago. I paid around £4
each for them, which at the time was quite expensive for a charity shop but still a bargain for me.
At Easter we each decorate an empty egg shell into a person. Then sit the egg shell in the egg cups to
make a lovely homemade display in the kitchen. It's become a family ritual....

As you can see my Vintage China even extends to my kitchen. This is an old shelf I painted then added cup hooks to. It holds some of my vintage cups and saucers and some vintage glass ice cream
bowls. I glued some old lace to the shelves to give it a more shabby chic appeal.

Hope you enjoyed a small look into all things Vintage. 

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  1. Hi it's me again did love your pictures does your heart beat faster when you discover a piece of china?Hubby and I agreed I WAS NOT to purchase any more but I can't stop!!!I AM a chinaholic!!!Oh dear.'bye for now.