Friday, November 02, 2012

How to cheer up your garden

I thought I would show you a couple of ideas for you to try in your garden.

This was made from some old board I had hanging around. I painted it with blackboard paint
available from most good d.i.y stores (I brought mine from Home base|)  Then I made a hole in the
top of the board so I could hang it on an outside wall. I have found it great to use for messages like
HAPPY BIRTHDAY etc.   If you hang one low enough it could be used for children to have fun in
the garden and coloured chalk is really cheap,

As you may be aware, ( if you have read my other posts I collect Vintage China) I always end up
with odd cups or saucers. I never know what to do with them but they are too pretty to threw out.
So this Summer I tied ribbon to the handles and attached them to my trellis where I have climbing roses.They looked so pretty all summer. I have now had to take them down now for the Winter...
Next summer I'am going to try more of them in a tree!.

I wanted a bird table in the garden but the ones on their own stand were really expensive. So I brought this one for £10.00  from a local garden centre. I unscrewed the roof so I could  put a
screw through the base into one of my fence posts.Then I reassembled it all again. It's a
great success the birds love it as much as me.

I run out of places for my hanging baskets, so I put them hanging from brunches of a tree. This one
was full of strawberries. They grew really well but the lovely birds thought they were for them
Next year I must remember to cover them up.............

Hope you try some of my ideas . Fingers crossed for a great Summer next year.

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