Monday, November 19, 2012

Bertie Charlies and Baileys Weekly Adventures-Charlies Shadow

Hi Bertie and Charlie here. We have had yet another busy week. The weather has been bad.
Rain Rain and yet more Rain. Mum wants us to go out in the garden but she must be joking!
We are not getting our paws wet.....

We have been entertaining ourselves . Playing who can destroy the puppy pad the quickest. Bailey
won that one. We just need to hide it from mum....

Bailey you have forgot the Teddy. Charlie I love you. thank you for being my brother.

                                         Thats it's Bailey, you pull first then me.

                                      Charlie I'm worn out. Time for a puppy NAP.

                                                  Bailey I will join you. Good Night...

You two have made me sleepy,

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