Thursday, November 29, 2012

First Christmas Decs Up!

It's nearly December and you are probably up to your eyes shopping and getting ready for Xmas.
I 'am one of those people you love to hate at this time of year. My presents are all brought and
wrapped ready for delivery, cards written. I started back in September when everyone said I was mad
thinking about Xmas then. But now I can sit back relax.


I put my first Xmas Decs up!  This is a rooted tree I brought form Home Base. It cost £19.99
The pot is also from Home Base it cost £9.99 a bit costly but you can use it each year.

This is our small angel. She is really delicate and sweet just right for this size tree.
The pink bauble is glass, the king I brought from a local craft fair this year.
The Angel came from my local craft fair, the pink bauble is really cute with a horse on.
My daughter choose the bauble. Each year it is our family tradition that our children choose
1 Xmas tree decoration each. When they were younger it was snowmen and Santa's. As you
can guess we have quite a few by now.
For many years we kept to the traditional green and red .But for the last two we have changed
completely to ice cream colours, pinks, blues, soft yellows and greens. It really is a change and matches our decor completely especially in our kitchen which we spend a lot of time in............

This is our kitchen door wreath it matches perfectly with our other decorations and is a bright
Hope you enjoyed a small look into our decorations. This weekend hopefully getting lounge tree.
That one takes a lot of work!!!! 

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  1. Loving your blog!Sorry I am not commenting as I read along the way, I just want to keep going! ha-ha.
    You have inspired me to get everything done by December, I have done it in the past just once and it felt so wonderful to relax and enjoy the season, it was so peaceful.
    I really love this wreath, did you make it? I thought I might give it a try, could you tell me how it is constructed?