Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Bertie Charlies + Baileys Weekly Adventures-It's Mine!

Hi everyone Charlie here . Don't tell mum, where I am HA ! HA!  Mum pushes the chairs under so we can't lay on her soft cushions,...

                                                       Anyone seen Charlie?

Bertie I'm up here !

Hi Mum.

I like your slippers Mum. They are nice and soft. I will just put my head here for a while.

                                  I don't think Mum has noticed I'm having a little chew.

                                                                   IT'S MINE!

                                  No Bertie and Charlie . IT'S ALL MINE!  

                                    WOOF WOOF TILL NEXT TIME.


  1. Loved these pics of those cheeky little doggies! I have to say that is also one of marmalade's tricks, she loves to sit on our kitchen chair cushions too.