Monday, February 04, 2013

Happy Feb- Things I love.

Happy Feb...... Where did Jan go! I've been really busy,  Today saw a bit of sunshine, hopefully we will get lots more....... Thought I would show you a few things  I love around my farmhouse.

This is my chalk bowl. I painted it myself. I love the colours of the chalk. They are the pastel colours I love..

This is my metal chicken. She sits on my lounge windowsill to welcome my visitors. Or maybe scare away!
What do you think.?

I also painted this vase. My purple sheep is enjoying the sun. The picture makes me smile.Great storage for our straws.

I found this keyholder at a local boot fair. It has a raised picture and looks perfect in my kitchen. I also hang
my Laura Ashley bag from it.

My floral candle holder. I love this because I can use a very large candle and it burns forever..Floral's a girl can never have too many!

What are the things you love around your house.? Do you love floral's as much as me.? Would love to hear.

                                     Bye for now, time to get back to  normal life.......


  1. Rosezeeta <3
    thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog sidmouth poppy....i am so glad you commented as it allowed me to discover your blog.....i have just read through all your posts and love it..the vintage china, the pink dresser,your amazing house, the aga (soooo jealous) x
    i too love vintage china and use it every single day also x x x x xi am so looking forward to following your adventures x x

  2. We had lots of sunshine yesterday, but there's a light snow shower at the moment :( Love your painted bowl - v pretty. And the candle holder too.

  3. You have some lovely things there i did smile at your chicken. I love flower patterns to but mostly 60s and 70's ones rather than the shabbychic range. Thank you for sharing, dee x

  4. I love the little sneaky peeks around your farmhouse Rosezeeta, the little chalk bowl is gorgeous.. today we have had snow hail stones sleet and lots of wind!! freaky weather x