Monday, April 14, 2014


Hi everyone.   Today I thought we would all take a walk around my village.

It has some very pretty houses and scenery.

A very pretty 1300 Century Church. Still used today,

                                      Daffs coming up everywhere in the hedgerows.

                                            Secret doorways in stone walls.

                                                 Pretty red post box, and ivy.

                                        Home Made stalls selling produce.
             We are lucky there are a few scattered in our village and adjoining villages.

                                        There are lots of country walks

                                            And lots of fields to explore.

                                        Rows of Daffodils everywhere.

                                       Really old pretty farmhouses.

                                               Another secret door. To another house.

                                          Cream farmhouses hidden behind nature.

                                                       Pretty as a picture.
                                                I love the heart on the door.

                                                    One large house.

                                                         And their barn.

     I hope you have enjoyed a walk with me. Please join me for part two in a later post.

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