Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I am so pleased the weather has changed for the better.
It has been a battle to fight through the mud with all the rain and keep my three horses dry and fed.

                                          Shadow loving his Hay.

Each week I have been making more new paddocks to keep moving them around. Out of the mud and onto new grass. But I have still needed to buy in a lot of hay for them. A costly few months.

But as with all people who own animals, you spend a lot of time and energy, and money to keep them well.
And happy.

                                                 Star looking Muddy.
                                       (Constant battle to keep them clean)

I am lucky, that I have only two Ponies and a Shetland and my fields are greater than their need.

                                                Willow enjoying a munch.

I have spent a fortune on new posts and wiring. And I still have to replace more posts that have rotted
due to the weather conditions.  All this work is keeping me fit at least. No gym needed for me.

I have come home a few times looking like a mud monster. (Sorry no pics!) , when I have fallen over, because my boots just got stuck  in the mud!!!!!!

So pleased weather has changed for the better and I can now enjoy my babies in the sun.

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