Friday, April 25, 2014



At long last the sun is shining. So lots of time for gardening. Are you doing the same.

                             Do you want to see what I have been doing?

                    I have made some new raised beds out of scrapes of wood


                             I just need to fill them. Then they will be ready for planting.

                          I have put some mixed flower seeds in an old Belfast sink.
                          They are already beginning to come up.

I have planted some Spinach seeds.
My daughters favourite.

                         I have started some sweetcorn and carrots in tubs.

                                     My rhubarb is looking really good

            I have also done sweet peas and coriander, great for a home made curry.

                                 Have you been out in your garden?
                                 What are you growing?
                                 Would love to hear.


  1. I love the look of your garden! I'm growing a few bits and bobs for the first time this year. Onions, strawberries, loads of herbs. We found some lettuce and tomato seeds in the garage from a Secret Santa gift a few years ago, I planted them not knowing if they'd do anything and they're starting to grow *yay*.

  2. You have reminded me to plant some strawberries....
    My first lot of seeds got eaten, from the pots. I had left the door open. So had to start again.

  3. You have a lovely garden and a pretty house. Hope the weather stays nice this summer for you. Up here in NW Scotland we've only just dug over the raised beds. The strawberry plants which have over wintered are looking okay and have a few flowers. Hoping to get something planted during May!

  4. Julia thank you for your lovely comments. I have never been to Scotland but it looks beautiful. I have not done any strawberries, so I might cheat and buy a few plants from my local nursery which I can see from my house so very handy.I still need to fill my raised beds. I have plenty of compost down my stables but I have to dig and bag it up which will be hard work. So I keep putting it off.

  5. Your garden is lovely and I see that I was correct, although I thought maybe your home was in France rather than England.

    We met a lovely young couple from Cornwall in Mexico about 15 years ago. Twice they have come to visit us in California, but we have yet to visit them. I remember when I told them that we lived in an old house, built in 1928. They laughed because their home was 600 years old.