Monday, January 05, 2015


How did you  all get on today with the school run. First day back for us.
I was lucky my hubby was still home, So he dropped our son off. in the morning.
And because our son is in 6th form he finished at 12.20p.m. So
my hubby also picked him up for me. But now Hubby has gone back to
London for work. So tomorrow it will be all down to me.
But it will get me back into a routine. And make me have a few early nights.
Just brought some milk, carrots and paper towels today. Still
trying not to do much shopping, need to empty cupboards.....
Sweets all gone, finished last of the celebrations last night, so now
have to be good and eat some fruit. Made myself have some fruit and fibre
this morning and I enjoyed it. Only had one hot chocolate tonight
because I felt cold. Thinking about cutting them out at home
and just have one for a treat when I go out.
Added up what we spent over the Xmas period including vets bill for Archie.
and it was far too much. Looking at this we will have to try better next year.
You do not realize how much you spend especially if they are lots of little amounts,
but they all add up....Next year will be watching the pennies..

Now enjoying lots of simple meals.

I made home made vegtable curry. Which we had with shop brought
naan bread, out of the freezer brought from Aldi so cheap. So not
worth making my own.

 I always put potatoes, carrots and onions in, then whatever veg I have in the fridge.
 We had it on trays in the lounge. It was lovely, so simple after all the rich Xmas food.

Are you enjoying simple home made food.?

Would love to hear.

Love reading your comments.


  1. Not everything is quite ' back to normal' here as KL hasn't returned to uni yet, but foodwise things are. I menu planned for the month on New Year's Day, and I just need to buy mushrooms, almond milk and cornflakes. It should be a cheap month shopping wise which is great as I have a lot of dental treatment to pay for in the next few weeks.

  2. Despite being away over Christmas we still have alot of shop bought bits to use up, there are loads of biscuits and sweets left over from Christmas but these will be eaten at the weekends and in moderation for a bit of a treat. I love simple food, I was given another Nigel Slater book and some of his dvds for christmas, I love his cooking as it is simple .

  3. Scarlet You are organised. Menu planned on New Years Day. Wow! I plan on only doing min shop so should be cheap for us too.

  4. Simple Living. We just have biscuits left. So lots of simple meals for us.And no big food shop for a while.

  5. Hi Rosezeeta,love your name is it spanish.Archie is soooo cute tucked up next to you and Bailey,did you have much room at all lol.There are only the two of us and the two moggies but we still love our food.I am a home cook,we do not have any chocs left thank goodness.It is my birthday soon,I hope I DON'T get chocolates.Have a good week.

  6. My name is Spanish but it is an unusual spelling. I am not . But being so dark everyone thinks I am. Archie and Bailey have all the room but I do not mind.. I hope you have a good Birthday.

  7. We started school yesterday also. I head to work early on Tuesday and Thursday so my husband has to do the school run. I am on for this morning. I can't believe at this point in my life I am running a 3 year old to school, I thought those days were long over. I tried hard to keep costs in check this Holiday but as you say they all add up.

  8. Hi Meredith
    I am finding it hard to get up for the school run. Still staying up too late. Still not got into a good routine.