Tuesday, January 13, 2015


                                                Do you remember instant pictures?

          Well I really like them. Because they are one of a kind moment that can not be repeated.

          There are a few instant cameras around but I liked the Fuji Instax Mini 8.
          It comes in ice cream colours, blue, pink ,yellow and white.
          I could not decide which colour so I brought a white one.
          It takes credit  card size photos, which come out of the top , then develops in front of your eyes.
          It's so exciting watching and waiting to see what moment you have captured.

          I brought mine just before Christmas

         And for Christmas my hubby and children brought me a blue case for it and a blue
         photo album.

                         You can still take pictures while the camera is in the case.
                          The front cover simply unclips and can be taken off completely.
                          The films are easy to get and it works out to just under 
                          £1 per print.                                            

                                                                  Have any of you got an Instax?
                                                                  Or any other Instant camera.

                                                                   Would love to hear.

                                                                   Would love to hear.


  1. How cute I have never seen one of those.

  2. I love your camera, I have not seen one like it before. The case is perfect.

  3. Our Middle Daughter, Nighean Bhan, got one of these for Christmas two years ago. Apparently they were/are trendy among pre-teens. They are a far (and much more stylish) cry than the original Polariod cameras I recall from the '70s. Man, I remember standing with the picture in hand, waving them to see if you could make them develop faster.

  4. Hi,Did you get the storm last night,with the very loud thunder and very bright lightening,our power went off for a few seconds,hope the dogs were ok.I used to own one of those cameras when they first came out,I still have lots of the photo's,didn't know they still made a similar one,I liked them a lot.Happy Wednesday.

  5. No Lee had rain only but woke up to car covered with ice and really cold here. Dogs were fine. If we do get thunder I have to sit in a certain corner of my kitchen where they feel safe. Still cold so staying cosy at home today.

  6. Beucall. Well I am well past being a teen Ha! Ha! but I just loved it because I love ice cream colours.. And I was also the same waving my polariod pic to make it develop quicker..I remember the 70's being a 60's baby.

  7. Thank yoy Meredith. I think they have been out for a while but I have only just discovered them.