Saturday, January 10, 2015


                           Today I thought I would show you my new Hare picture.
                           My daughter brought this for my Birthday which was back in November.

                               It is a print on canvas. But even close up it looks like it has been painted.

I                                           I have put it in my kitchen next to my Smeg.
                                            It looks great because it is white.

                                                                                Do you like it.
                                                     Have you brought any new pictures or canvas lately.
                                                                                Would love to hear.


  1. Hi Rosezeeta,
    I do love your hare, very detailed and looks pretty cool
    on the wall. I haven't brought any canvas or new pictures
    lately, but have been eyeing off some gorgeous Venice prints.
    Will I buy them or won't I? lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. Anita, If you love them and can afford them why not. Life is too short.

  3. Such a sweet hare picture! I raised 135+ bunnies when I was a young know how quickly they multiple...ended up our city zoo was building a rabbit city. They were the first inhabitants of it. I once a hare that looked nearly identical to your picture. He was a house pet and was litter box trained.

  4. Tami. Wow! two is enough for me. Great story that they were the first inhabitants of the rabbit city. You seem to be a bit of an expert with hares and rabbts.