Sunday, January 11, 2015


How has your weekend. gone?

We have had a very busy one here.

Saturday my son had his first ever driving lesson. I can not believe my youngest is
old enough to be behind a steering wheel. Off he went in the afternoon and came back
really happy having drove the car and parked outside our house........
He is really excited to learn and is having another lesson Wed then Sat again.
I still can not believe my little boy is 17 and will be 18 this year. The years have flown!

Still windy and cold in Cornwall. My son had to do a few pictures for his photography A
levels so we decided to head for the beach on Sunday.
We have lots of beaches close by but today we went to Looe. Being Sunday and
January it was not busy, a few of the towns independent shops were open and we had to
have some chips, well you do on a cold day. Then we went down to the beach.
We had taken just two dogs with us. Bailey and Archie. Archie was in his new
over the body he was nice and warm. And Bailey wore his purple knitted jumper.
Looe beach you are not allowed to walk the dogs on but you can walk along the edge.
My son took his pictures while I walked Bailey, but it was really windy and cold, bitter cold.
We were all glad to get back to the car to warm up. As my son had his camera I asked him to take
a couple of pics to show you.

                     First time Archie has seen the sea. But it was so cold he was not that interested.
                    And most of the time he was completely down in his bag.

                   As you can see it was not a hair day. With my hair I found it differcult to see most
                   of the time with the wind blowing.

                            My son took these pictures in about five minutes because it was too cold
                            to keep still for long. I needed hat and gloves.

                  Come the summer you can not move in Looe for tourist's. And the beach will be
                  full with happy holiday makers. It was freezing but I prefer Looe in the Winter.


  1. My son is 17 and had a intensive driving course and passed, but I will always think of him as my little boy. x

  2. It is beautiful! I would prefer the Looe in winter, too... No crowds. It does look blustery cold!! brrrr! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Simple Living.Wow that is good. Well done to him.

  4. Tanna. Yes nice and quiet. But freezing.