Sunday, December 02, 2012

Bertie Charlies and Baileys Weekly Adventures-Playing Chase

Hi everyone, we are getting really excited because it is nearly Christmas! It will be Mine and
Charlies third one. Bailey this will be your first we will show you how to unwrap your presents.
What are presents Bertie?

Presents are treats from someone called Santa Claus. Mum says he comes once a year and brings you lots of presents if you have been good. Have I been good Bertie? will I get presents? of course Bailey
all puppies are good...Yippee Bertie!!!!!

Bailey I will show you a new game its called Chase. You go one way and I will go the other and see
if we can catch each other.

Ha that's lots of fun Bertie, but I don't know who won?  I think it was me! Bailey is the winner.....
Bailey is the winner.....

O.k Bailey you are the winner this time, but watch out next time...

You two have made me feel tired just watching you. Say goodbye till next week...

Goodbye from Bertie.                     See you soon Bailey.       Good night Charlie. x


  1. I so enjoy seeing your dogs and that chase was so cute! I watched it a couple times!

    I hope this goes through because the reason I can't leave feedback most of the time is because after I click publish it gives me the letters and numbers to verify and then the publish button is missing. Sometimes just a very tiny bit of it is showing and I manage to click that. Let's hope this goes through now.. Did you get my comment about your Christmas wreath?

  2. Yes your comments are finding their way. I know how frustrating a computer can be. When mine plays up, I just shut it down till tomorrow. Hope yours sorts itself out.