Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bertie Charlies and Baileys Weekly Adventures-Who's got Mums Boot

Hi Bertie here. We have had a great week. Charlie has been teaching Bailey how to be cute to Mum
to get us all extra treats.

Watch me Bertie and Bailey. When Mum calls your name run to her straight away and lick her hand.

Quick Bailey Mums Calling, you know what Charlie told you. We might get a treat or at least a cuddle.

                                                                  A TREAT!


Charlie thinks he knows everything, but I know how to help Mum...............HA HA


She puts these things on her feet to go out. I will take them to her. They are very heavy. I might
need some help.          

                                            Charlie . Bailey needs our help.

                                                        Help is here Bailey.

It makes a nice chew Charlie. Do you think Mum will mind. Its much better than any of our toys.

I think Mum minded.....   BAILEY THAT'S A FINE MESS YOU GOT US INTO !

See you all next week Bertie Charlie and Bailey       Woof Woof anybody get us out of here.........

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