Monday, November 04, 2013


I have not got much time for handicrafts these days. But have managed to make a couple of cushions for my kitchen.

I have just used up spare wool to make these.  I used 44 sts across and knitted 89 rows to make each square. Simple.

       I knitted 8 squares and joined them together to cover a normal size cushion pad.

         This was the first one I made. Each side is different colours.

         I am now making two for my lounge. I love them so much

       Do you like them. Have you any ideas for using up left over wool ?


  1. I don't know how i got onto the other post,I mean't to comment on these cushions lol.They are lovely.Then some how saw your birthday was the same as my husbands,must have clicked on wrong post.

  2. Never mind Lee. thank you for your comment.