Wednesday, November 13, 2013


This post is a bit late but have not had any time of late.

It was my birthday Monday 11th November.

It was a strange birthday this year because it was the first year ever that my daughter was not with me to celebrate and husband was away working. So there was just me and my son.....

I still had a lovely day. My friend and daughter popped round first thing in the morning with a card and presents. And we all had breakfast together. I got many Birthday texts. A lovely card and hug from my son. A beautiful necklace arrived from a dear friend in the post, and more cards.

My daughter told me to stay in all day as there was a surprise arriving. But when she tracked it they had been unable to deliver and had left a card....... Which turned out to be at another house which has a similar name to our farmhouse  Dammm !   This has happened before, the drivers do not read the  address properly.

Anyway I got my surprise the following morning and it was beautiful flowers from my daughter son and husband. Perfect.

                            I put them in my old french enamel jug.

                                      Perfect for my large table.

  And the surprises did not stop there. I received a package that afternoon and it was 100 pictures from my daughter at Uni. From the first day I helped her move in to all the events / parties she had attended some in fancy dress, to the meals she had attempted. Each one was in order with a funny caption on the back of each one. It put a great big smile on my face and now I can put a face to the names of people she talks about. I feel it gives me a little insight to her life without me. It looks hard work but fun.
I will treasure these and I hope she will send me more.......

When everyone is home just before dare I say it Christmas I will celebrate properly with a cake and all the trimmings..... But a birthday I was dreading on my own turned out to be different but not to bad. in the end......... 


  1. Belated Happy Birthday! So glad you had a lovely day after all. The photos from your daughter is a lovely idea, keeping you in touch with her visually. M x

  2. Happy Birthday! Lovely flowers! I love your large dining table and benches, looks very relaxed and inviting! Enjoy the rest of your birthday, Tracy x

  3. Thank you everyone for your Birthday wishes. My table and benches were a great buy off Ebay they are really large but I can seat many round it. So its fantastic at this time of year.

  4. Happy belated birthday Rosezeeta!