Saturday, November 02, 2013


Hi everyone. Lots of catching up on your posts for me this month. October has been such a busy month for me that I have had no time to do any posts (slap hands). Daughter being at Uni means I've got a lot of work with all our animals as well as all the everyday chores. Hope everyone got through the storm o.k.  We had a large tree branch down and loss some glass in the greenhouse but other than that we were o.k. More work for me putting horses away to make sure they were o.k. (That was fun on my own)..... Lucky I have good ponies.  This month determined to get back to normal , so here goes.

Have decided to change garden. Its such hard work keeping all the flowerbeds under control and with all my other commitments it was getting out of control.

Do you want to  see?

             I have taken the picket fence down which split the garden into two.

I have made the flowerbed on the left much smaller it was getting so overgrown. I have thinned the trees out by the swing seat.

I have kept the arch but removed most of the large pots by the green house  to make the walkway much bigger. I think the sink will be going next to another part of the garden.

I have got rid of the veg plot because I do not have time at home anymore and it was just full of weeds. I am now going to put grass seed down. Bailey was having a nice dig.

You can see where the dogs run to the fence every time someone walks pass. We still have a double swing from when the children were small. It have been at three houses so far and I can;t bear to part with  it. I do have a sneaky swing when no one is around.

Still need to get more gravel to finish off.  Lots of daffodils I think to plant for the Spring. Hopefully will look at lot more pretty in the summer. At this time of year the garden always looks a bit of a mess.

Show you more next time.


  1. Your fall garden is so pretty Rosezeeta! Everything is still so beautiful and green there. I love the little path the dogs make in the grass and the fact you still have the swings your children played in.I wish I was there to have a sneaky swing with you.
    sending hugs from here...

  2. You have a lovely garden, you should keep the swing for future grandkids :)
    Have a great Sunday!
    Tammy xx

  3. Hi,I LOVE your blog so have been looking through past posts.Cannot believe you share the same birthday as my husband Glyn.Love all the fab pics,great cushions.

  4. Lee thank you for reading my blog. Glad you are enjoying.