Saturday, November 30, 2013


 As you will be aware if you have been reading my other posts that it was my Birthday, the beginning of November. It was the first year my daughter was a Uni and my husband was working away. So there was not much celebrating done here.

These are the flowers my daughter sent me and they are still going strong on my kitchen window sill.
The petals are just starting to fall now.

And today I got more surprises. A lovely belated bouquet from my husband.

These flowers are very unusual, they look like roses in dark green leaves or maybe cabbages, I love them.

                                                   Beautiful carnations

                                         Long stemmed Roses.

             I don.t know what these are but they are so pretty.

                         They look  perfect in my duck egg blue vase.

I also got my favourite sweets Maltesers.

                                   And a big chocolate cake.

       We did not do the whole candle thing. but it was lovely to have a cake.

           I have already had three pieces. Naughty but very nice.

I visited my daughter at UNI today and took her some cake. She loved it. What's not to love

                                           CHOCOLATE CAKE !!!!!!

                                        Have a lovely weekend everybody.

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  1. Belated birthday wishes to you! Dave me a piece of cake! Xxx