Monday, January 27, 2014


Hi everyone. I am so glad to be back.

I have been unabled to do any blogging because my notebook died.

I have had to wait until my hubby came home, to see if he could fix it.

As you may be aware a few weeks ago my camera packed up, so I am already having to use my phone for pics. Not perfect but I was getting by. But when the laptop died I was at a lost.

I don't know what is happening at our house but everything is breaking down .

Here is the list so far.


Electric kettle

Printer  - Now mended.

Lap top - Now mended.

Kitchen T.v.

Fingers crossed nothing else will go wrong.  Hubby looked at t.v. but it's no good. still hoping he can fix kettle, but I know there's not a lot of hope. I wanted to not spend any money after Christmas and maybe save a little !     The broken items will have to wait to be replaced because I have other priorities to pay for. My notebook is working again but still playing up, so I hope it keeps going for now.

Now catching up with a lot of reading of your lovely blogs, then I will get back to normal and do some posts
shortly. While I have been offline I have had time to do some knitting and sewing , so have a few bits to show you.

Hope your keeping nice and cosy . It's beginning to get cold here in Cornwall and we had large sleet yesterday..........


  1. Rosezeeta, you are not alone! I have had a spate of stuff breaking down in the last month. Since Christmas we have had to replace our refrigerator, we are waiting on a part for our ducted air-conditioning unit which we really need in this 40C heat right now, and my less-than-3-years-old laptop is on the way out, according to our computer repair man. Happy New Year, eh!

    I wish you could send some of your sleet my way, in return for some of our heat which I'd only be too happy to part with.

  2. So sorry to hear that everything is breaking down they normally say it goes in three's but yours gone over that. Hope you are able to get everything fixed or replaced soon. dee x

  3. Isn't always the way that everything goes at once. I hope you have everything back in working order soon x