Thursday, January 09, 2014


I thought I would show you what greeted me one morning after a night of Thunder and Storms.

When I went to greet our dogs Kermit and Theodore one morning this is what I found. A complete mess.  They must of not liked the storm during the night......
I was lucky that most of the glass bottles and jugs were to high.

The bottom shelf had been full up of all sorts of different paints, brushes, pots,glitter, glue you name it.
And now it was all over the floor. Including a hoover, paper and cardboard.

They had spread bits everywhere. I did not know where to start.
But I could not be mad with them. They must of been so scared.
I had slept through most of it and only heard a bit in the morning.

                                                                It wasn't me Mum!

                                        Was it you Kermit? Are your paws red.

                             Have you been on the radiator? It seems to be red too.

      The dogs had broken some of the acrylic paints and Kermit had been running in it.
       I now have a bit of a red floor.

       I now need to find a better place for all the paints.!!!!!

Their room is now back to normal except for a splash of red paint ..

Have you got pets? Do their hate this bad weather we are having.?

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  1. Arh! Bless them looks like they had fun though keeping themselves busy whilst the storm was on!!