Monday, January 06, 2014


                     Here is my Dolls House I got for Christmas.

                                 It's about thirteen years old.

                                So needs a little attention here and there

I have always wanted one but never got round to having one.

                                  I have already made tiny curtains.

                                 The top ones are a tiny patchwork.

                             And the bottom ones have tiny Russian dolls on.

                          The roof is painted green , but it is a bit shiny for my taste.

                               I have added some wallpaper for interest.

                                The rooms all have this brown carpet.

                                     Again tatty, needs changing.

                           This is the bedroom above and the lounge below.

              I was lucky also that I got some furniture and a family for my house.

      The Christmas tree is glass , I already had this. It is a perfect size for the house.

                             As you can see a pile of furniture still to be placed.

                                               And the beginnings of a kitchen.

                               I also wallpapered this room in shades of orange.

                                        A bit retro looking, don't you think..

                I  am enjoying turning this dolls house to my taste and style.

                                   I have already changed quite a lot .

                                        Show you next time.


  1. Your doll house is delightful! I'm so glad you shared these lovely photos of the charming furniture and dollies. I adore doll houses too...maybe some day I will own one too!
    Teresa in California

  2. what a cute dolls house x

  3. What a cute and fun doll house! Happy new week! :) xx Holly