Saturday, January 04, 2014


Today has been a very busy day. Daughter went back to Uni.  Start of term already.
We have had a wonderful time as a family with her home and I am already missing her terribly.
Driving back on my own, I must admit there were some tears.  It will take me some time to adjust again without her being here. But with my life so busy with all our pets I'm sure I will be o.k.

Anyway today's post I wanted to show you some more treasures.
I found a couple of little friends at a charity shop and had to bring them home.

The first doll just stands up. But the other two have china legs and can stand or sit.

                     They are really tiny and have lots of details on their dresses.

                                     They now have a new home with us.


  1. It must be hard when they go off each time but it sounds like you will keep yourself busy xx

  2. How lovely these little dolls are and I'm sure they have found a good home with you.