Monday, January 13, 2014


                I made a couple of presents for my daughter.

            I used to do a lot of drawing and painting in the past.
            But have not got the time anymore. I'm not that good but just enjoy it.

            So I did a drawing of our five dogs for my daughter.          
            I knew she would appreciate my effort.

                          I did not have a photo of all five dogs together.
                         They never stay still long enough.
                          So I had to take bits from different photos to draw them.
                          I really enjoyed doing this and it has reminded me how much
                          I used to enjoy drawing. I will now find time to do more.
                          And hopefully get better!
                          My daughter loved it even though it was not my best work.

             Also do you remember me playing with clay at Christmas.
            My daughter wanted me to make Bailey.
       This is the finished result. I painted him orange and added a ribbon.
                       Again she loved this.

 It's so  nice to have fun making things for people that truly appreciate
all the love you put into them.

Did you make lots of things for your loved ones at Christmas.

I would like to be brave and have a complete homemade Christmas.
But it has not happened yet.

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  1. These are lovely! I do make some gifts, just finishing a granny shawl for my sister's birthday. I know she will appreciate it. Sadly I know some people who just wouldn't "get" it and their gifts have to be bought. I would love to have a complete handmade Christmas but I know it won't happen so I'll just make for those who like handmade. Carol xx