Saturday, April 19, 2014


Sorry I know pancake day has passed but I am still trying to catch up with posts, due to no lap top working.

Every pancake day I promise to buy myself a new frying pan.

And every pancake day I make a perfect pancake then can't get it out of the pan.

Well after much scrapping with a wooden spoon we finally had something we could eat.

                                  I always use my Kitchen aid mixer.

                     This year we had sugar, lemon and gingerbread syrup.
                      I managed to eat three!

                                         What did you have on yours.

                               And Yes I will be buying a new frying pan.


  1. Ooh, I do love pancakes (...and my KitchenAid! :-) )
    Happy Easter to you and your family Rosezeeta!
    Susan x

  2. I stopped making thin crepe style pancakes ages ago, I saw someone making thick ones USA style and tried them with real Maple Syrup. YUM. Then I added a selection of chopped fruit, banana, apple, raspberries one at a time and decided that they are so easy, no flipping, no bits stuck like glue that they were the only ones that I would make.

  3. Wow! Pam I will have to try fruit next time. When I buy a new frying pan and maybe try making thick ones. My children like pancakes at any time of the year for pudding.

  4. Love pancakes! We had some today for our Easter sunday breakfast, with blueberries and maple syrup!