Monday, October 08, 2012

Bertie Charlie + Baileys Weekly Adventures-New Beds

Hi we are very tired this week. Bailey the new sausage dog is still here! Charlie says just ignore him
and maybe Mum will take him back to where she got him. I tell charlie his fun to play with if you just
avoid his baby teeth.

                                          Charlie is not amused (When is he going?)

                                          Bertie is hungry Mum (Is it lunchtime yet?)

Mum keeps cuddling Bailey. I think this is because he is a puppy, they eat sleep and cry a lot. Charlie
and I like to have our morning nap. But what happens now, Bailey is now put in with us, we are
just about to go to sleep when Bailey decides to play up. Chewing his puppy pad or crying for Mum.

                                         Here is a picture of Bailey cuddling Mums daughter.
                                         I heard Mum say she brought Bailey for her Birthday/Xmas present.
                                         Not sure what that means, I always get a Xmas stocking filled
                                         with dog treats. Charlie do you know?

                                          I think that means Bertie we have a new brother!

                                                Do I have to share my food Charlie?

                                          If we stick together we will be o.k. Bertie.

Mum came home from the shops today with a present for all of us. New beds! Bailey has a puppy
sized bed, and we have got the large bed because we are the big boys. HA HA! Mum said she
brought them at Pets at Home they are called Ruff and Tuff.

Bailey has tried messing on his and chewing it, but with a quick wipe by mum it is as good as new.

Charlie and I love our new bed it is very comfortable and we don't have to share with Bailey, he
moves about too much. Any Mummy who is thinking about treating their dog we would  highly recommend this bed.

Don't tell Mum but we tried it out in the garden
Untill next week
Bye for now Bertie Charlie and Bailey..

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