Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Retro Caravan

I thought you would like to see my latest big purchase. It is a Cotswold Windrush 2 berth caravan.

I brought this with my daughter. We are going to use it down our stables and to go to Festivals etc.

It is in fair condition for its age. We think its very retro in style. I love the green stripe.

The inside is original with some lose catches and a few other broken bits but these are all minor.

                                               We have called her 'BINKY'

We are going to renovate the inside to reflect a more retro style. For now we have added a few bits
to make her more cosy. Above are two homemade crochet blankets.

I love this wicker basket. We found it at Home Base. They had many colours to suit everyone. I added the roses to make it even more pretty. It is the right size for us to store our books.

I could not resist adding some of my homemade bunting. it always makes any space special.


                                         There is always room for a home made heart.

My gingerbread man chalk board came from my home, it was the right size for Binky.

Binky has already been to one festival with my daughter, and was a great success. Now she is
parked up for the winter. It is great to have a lovely hot drink in comfort when we work down the stables.

                                   I will show you the results in a later post
                                   Hopefully she will look great!



  1. Hi, I have the exact same caravan. I bought it last summer to use as a summer house in our garden. It is an 1983 Windrush 2 berth with all its original features. I had planned to paint it but cannot now ruin its originality. I call her Daisy and love her to bits. I like to sit in her and do my crafting. I hope you all enjoy yours too :-)

  2. oh love your caravan i would so love one of thesexxxx love your blogg also i visit every week xxx

    1. Thank you Pippa. Binky is at my stables and has not been used much. As my daughter is at Uni and Its not much fun sitting in it on my own. I might find a place for her at home where she will get used more and I can renovate her more and it would be great for a spare room for visitors.