Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Homemade GINGERBREAD MEN Yum Yum!

Was really excited today. I brought my Christmas PRIMA  magazine, I could not wait to get home to read it.
                                           Prima Christmas Makes £3.99

I had been looking for a recipe for Gingerbread men . To my surprise there it was!

They looked so cute so I had to have a go, here is the recipe-

400 g plain flour (14 ozs)
1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda
2 tsp of ground ginger
115 g unsalted butter(4oz)
175 g light brown sugar(6oz)
3 tbsp golden syrup
1 small egg
currants and ribbon for decoration

small amount of flour for rolling out + small amount of butter to grease trays.

The recipe says to preheat your oven to  5 /190c (170c fan oven). In my case turn the aga up!
I greased all my baking trays, I never have enough. Then I put the flour, baking powder and ginger
into a large bowl to which I added the flour. Next the messy bit . Use your hands to mix until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. Next add the sugar, syrup and egg and form into a dough.
I then divided the mixture into two. I find its easier to handle a small amount of dough. Dusted
my worktop and rolled out. Used my gingerbread man cutter and then placed them onto greased baking trays.I put raisins for some of the eyes and buttons. Then put them in the top oven of the aga. A normal oven will take approx 10 to 12 Min's to cook until they are golden brown. In my aga its keep checking every couple of minutes....and keep your fingers crossed, you don't burn them.
When they are ready put on a cooling rack ready to decorate.

As you can see I did some hearts as well. I then just added some white icing,but you can go as mad as you like. Using different coloured icing and maybe smarties or choc buttons. If you have small children they will love making their own personal  one. And if you make a hole before baking you can hang them from your Christmas tree ( they last about a week)

Myself and the children loved them, they were eaten in a couple of days. We will be making some more for Christmas and maybe some for homemade presents.

                                   Hope you have a go they were lots of fun and very tasty.

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