Thursday, October 25, 2012

Homemade Hearts

There is always room for another heart. They are really cute and make great gifts for friends.
They are for sale everywhere if you are not confident at sewing. But I will show you how they are made.

 First I chose the fabric, gingham is one of my favourites, but you can use anything you have.

Then I used a template I had. It came out of one of my craft books, but you can draw a heart onto
a piece of card and use over and over again and it will of cost you nothing.

I cut our 4 white large hearts and 2 smaller blue gingham hearts.
You put the gingham heart on top of the white one. Then I found some blue embroidery thread.

     I did blanket stitch all the way round. (you could just sew round the gingham heart onto the white
Then I put the two white hearts back to back and machined all around the edge, leaving a small
     gap . 
Then you turn the heart the right way round and stuff, hand sewing the gap closed.
I used bias binding to make a hanging loop, but you can use ribbon or even string.
Next I raided my button jar to find 2 red buttons. One was heart shaped the other was round. I
attached the bias binding to the top and sewed one button on each heart. and there you have it two
cute hearts.........
                                                             Finished hearts.
                                Here are a few more hearts I have made. They are on display on my walls.
Have a go they are really easy and quick to make. You can  make all different designs and colours
to match your interior. Or make tiny ones to hang on your Christmas tree.
                                                             HAVE FUN!

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