Monday, October 15, 2012

Bertie Charlies+Baileys Weekly Adventures-ONE OF THE GANG!!

                     Hi Bertie and Charlie here. Bailey has well and truly moved in!
                     We are teaching him how to get extra treats from Mum.

Rule 1. LOOK REALLY CUTE.   Bertie, Charlie I'm trying my best....and the trick of lifting your paw is for what?

Rule 2-HELP MUM WHENEVER YOU CAN. Bertie help me move this plant for Mum. What is a plant Charlie?  I don't know but Mum keeps saying that word whenever we are outside. Lets move this large water dish, its got that dirt stuff in. You know Bertie the thing you dig holes in.....

                                         Charlie this is a funny shaped water dish?

Rule 3-HAVE LOTS OF FUN WITH MUM. Came on Bailey do your cute bit. Charlie stop sniffing the grass.
Look at me Bertie and Bailey. I'm going to do one of my big jumps!
Up  Up and away.
Bertie and Charlie shall we play ball before it rains.
I'm in goal first.
Mum put me down. No more cuddles. I've got to get the ball.
Bertie and Charlie can we sleep now. I think playing ball is hard work.
Sweet dreams  from Bertie, Charlie and Bailey.

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