Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More Xmas Decorations! + Our homemade Advent.

As promised here are a few more of our decorations around our home. First I thought I would show
you what we do for our advent calendar.

I buy all sorts of small chocalates, coins etc then wrap then up in xmas paper. I choose two different
papers as I have two children. Then I number them from 1-23 and put them into a bowl or dish. This year they are on one of my vintage cake stands.

Then I buy one special item this can be more chocs or a small gift they would like. I wrap this up and
put number 24 on it. It's a treat before the big day!

This is a picture of my homemade knitted Xmas Stockings I made them for my children last year. I did not have a pattern it was all guess work. (That's why the feet are not perfect). They are a great
size for Santa's surprises.

I had lots of spare gold baubles, so I tied some string across three hooks in my porch then added the
baubles with different lengths of string. Nearer Xmas I'am going to cut some Holly and also add this
around the entrance .

These are made of wood. I have had them for quite a few years now. I  used more string across the fireplace  then attached the fiqures to it. Again nearer Xmas I am going to add some fresh Holly and
some ribbons to finish off.

The only other decorations I will be adding is lots of candles.

Have fun with your decorations.........................

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  1. What a great idea for your advent calendar and I just love the Christmas stockings! I love how you turned down the love that blue!