Friday, December 14, 2012

Bertie Charlies + Baileys Weekly Adventures-Fun!Fun!!

Hi everyone the weathers cold but not raining so Mums allowing us longer in the garden.

It's great but I better sniff and make sure nobody else has been here. There seems to be more leaves
now Bailey.

Charlie have you seen Bertie ?  He promised to play with me. Do you think he is hiding?
Don't worry Bailey I will help you look for him. I can't smell that he came this way. Keep sniffing
Bailey. His got to be around here somewhere.
                                                     Maybe his gone inside.
                        Ha Ha I've got you Bailey.
                                                    Not quite Bertie. I'm over here!
        Ha you two are making me tired.......
O.K. Charlie
Bye for Now
Bertie, Charlie + Bailey.

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  1. I think I have figured this out..yay! Well if you are getting them that is! ;)

    Your dogs are adorable and I love your blue curtains. I have been looking for some like it for ages but no luck yet.