Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Homemade from the garden Xmas Display.

Today I thought I'd make a Xmas Display made from my garden. My daughter had brought me some
lovely vintage style bottles with lids for my birthday. We have used them for drinks with straws. It
was like being back at school when you had to drink your milk. Those of a certain age will remember

First I went to my garden (in the rain) to cut various twigs and foliage. There is not much colour
around but enough to make it interesting.

Then I simply cut and arranged into my bottles, I also added twigs for an interesting natural look.

I love just the green leaves but if you had a particular colour scheme you could add small flowers
to match it.

                                           Here I have added a white bow, but raffia would look great.

I decided to keep it simple. To show of the beautiful bottles . Here they are on my kitchen shelf.
I have recently painted my kitchen white and my kitchen cupboards white and cleared a lot of things
of the walls. As they say less is more.

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