Sunday, December 09, 2012

Main Xmas Tree Up!

 At last we have our main Christmas tree up. We picked it back in October. I told you I was organised.

We have a lovely garden centre
near us. They grow their own Xmas
trees each year. We can wonder
around and with a tag they supply we can pick out a tree . We never
are sure of the size because in a
few acres they all look quite small.
The one we picked turned out to be
6 ft. They charge by the type and size of the tree. Ours was a traditional type and cost us only
 £21.00 That was cheaper than
last year.........

We then had the task of sorting out the lights and baubles. Last year we changed our colour scheme
from red and green to pinks, blues, light greens etc mainly ice cream colours.

There is still some snowmen that just had to go on to. But I think another couple of years it will be
all baubles.

This is our new white fairy. We had a lovely red one but she did not go with the new colour scheme.
We have still kept her because she is beautiful and full of Xmas memories of year gone past.
Anyway we might go back to green and red in the future

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