Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pressies, Pressies I'm so Lucky!

I thought I would show you more of my lovely presents-

I got these really sweet candles. They smell lovely and how pretty they are packaged with their
ribbons. They go perfectly with my colour scheme.

                                         How pretty is this bag. I love the flowers.

                                              SURPRISE! look whats inside.  

I now have my own  Cath Kidson Breakfast Set. It comes in a Vintage looking case.

As you can see from the photo's it is a perfect colour for my kitchen and so floral I love it....

I also got this lovely book from my family. It's making jams and preserves. I make a lot of jams
and chutneys so this book is perfect. There are quite a few new ones for me to try. Can't wait.

This is another book I got from friends. It's got lots of ideas for homemade gifts. Great for next year!

I was very lucky this year. On top of these presents, I got a lovely scarf from a friend, two coats
from my family, perfume., a new mouse much needed! and many more  thoughtful bits and pieces.
One original idea is a friend brought me  a complete set of new baubles in my new ice cream colours. My tree next year will be very well dressed.........Now all I have to do is recycle all the paper and
cardboard and try to get back to some kind of routine. That's after another Baileys or two.

                                           I have had a fantastic time this year thanks to
                                           all my family and friends.

                                             HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY
                                             HERE'S TO 2013 BEING A GREAT YEAR!   



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