Friday, December 21, 2012

Bertie Charlies and Baileys Weekly Adventures- Bailey makes a new friend.

Hi everyone. We are getting really excited  It's only a few more sleeps until Christmas1 Mum keeps
bringing more bits of tree into the house, and adding lots of ribbons to it. Don't know why.

Bailey I think It's time you met some new friends. Really Bertie . Where are they ? Are they nice?
Will they eat me ? Will they eat my dinner? I'm  not sharing my bed !  Calm down Bailey I will  show you.

There's nothing to worry about they are mine and Charlie's friends. They have their own houses in
the garden. And don't worry they eat carrots,greens and other stuff like that.

They smell strange Bertie. That's because they are rabbits not dogs like us. They are called
Tommy, Teddie and Flop they are part of our family of pets. But they live outside all
 the time. Mum gives them lots of cuddles too.

Hello my name is Bailey.  Hello Bailey I'm Teddie and this is Tommy. We have been
watching you play in the garden with Bertie and Charlie we was wondering when you
would come and see us.... Sorry I would of popped by sooner but I did not know you
were here. I have never met rabbits before. and I was a bit afraid.....

Hi Bailey I'm Flop.  Hi Flop I'm so happy to have new friends. I will come and see you
every time Mum lets me come in the garden. Do you know it's only a few sleeps till
Christmas?  Yes we are getting very excited . Mum gives us extra special treats.

Time to go in Bailey. Bye everyone. Thank you Bertie I love my new friends.

                                                        Wait for me Bertie. ........

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