Friday, January 11, 2013

A Look Around My Farmhouse

Hi everyone. I'm so happy that I can do lots of posts again. It was so frustrating being able to read all your
lovely blogs and not being able to join in.

Today I thought you  might like a small  look around my farmhouse-

These are my really comfy Laura Ashley sofa's. They cost a fortune but they are about 5 years old now
and still going strong.

This year I painted my kitchen cupboards white then sanded the corners for a shabby chic look. My open 
shelf I painted a pale pink (Very Girly but I love it).

This is my dresser that my husband brought me for a birthday many years ago. It was that orange pine colour 
So I have also painted it white to match the rest of my furniture. It displays my blue and white Cornish Ware
china. My daughter brought me the white wire basket for my birthday this year. It's just the right size for my eggs. But as you can see at Christmas it was used for sweets!
As you can see I like touches of pink even my c.d. player is pink. It was brought from Argos a bargain at
£49.99 and also comes in black.....


Before Christmas I tried to declutter the walls of my kitchen. So after filling all the holes I had to redecorate
the whole room . So I  went for white walls and cupboards. The space looks a lot brighter , cleaner and bigger. I have added a large blackboard to one of the doors, great for all my lists.

This shows my Smeg fridge  which I love very retro in shape. This was brought via E-Bay. I have a pink spotty tablecloth at the moment, As you can see I love ice cream colours .

This is my Belfast sink. It is housed in its  own wooden unit with a grey granite worktop. I have a half door from the kitchen down a step into my lounge. So I'm not cut of from everybody but it's still feels like a separate room.

Hope you have enjoyed a little look around my farmhouse today.

Must get on now. bye for now.....


  1. HI,just found your blog and I did enjoy the tour of your lovely house,this is what I love about blogging,peeping at other peoples houses who love the same things as me,I have just been blogging for about 10 months so it's still fairly new,I changed the name of my blog to reflect my adoration of china,I have a LOT!! So now I have the title of PAMCHINAHOLIC.'BYE FOR NOW.

  2. Thank you for sharing more of your home, I was hoping you would. ;-) It is just lovely and I would feel right at home there..again so cozy and warm. The kitchen..well all I can say is I would never want to leave it! ;-)