Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts.

Hearts, Hearts, Hearts. I seem to have a lot of hearts around my house. They keep sneaking in.

I love this wire basket. I used to keep my eggs in it ,but now I have a larger basket and more eggs. I brought this from a shabby chic type shop and it came in a set of three, all different sizes.

This silver heart is made up of tiny bells on a wire frame. I could not resist buying it.

This is one of two wooden heart hooks I have. This one is painted white and as you can see I  keep my jewellery on it. The other wooden heart is natural wood.

This has tiny metal hearts. The chickens are made of wood. The bows I love very country cottage.

These are some of the hearts I have made.

I love gingham. This heart I added a bobble to the centre and edged in lace.

This heart I went mad with the bobbles.  But I think it looks fun.I love the colours they all go really well together.

Last but not least my favourite heart. This one is wooden with a lovely floral decoration. It was a present from my family.  It is hanging up in my kitchen.

There you go many of my hearts. ( I'm sure I have more!) Has your house been overtaken by them?
would love to hear.......

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  1. Lovely hearts, especially the Home Sweet Home one. I have a silver bell one and several others around the house.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and kind comment. Hope you enjoyed the visit to Lucy's blog too.
    Carol xx