Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bertie Charlie and Baileys Weekly Adventures-Whats That White Stuff?

"Hi everyone it's been an exciting day today!" Myself  Charlie and Bailey found some white stuff in the garden.

                                      "Bertie Charlie come and see Mums changed the garden"

"Bailey it's o.k. it's only snow. We love snow ".

                                                         " Whats This?"

                                        " Leave this to Bertie and Charlie."

                             " Bertie Charlie pull this with me" then it moves.

                                         " I'm sticking with Mum", she must know what it is.

                                                  " Bertie Charlie LOOK!" It's a seat for sharing.


  1. Lovely photos, I think you all had a lot of fun! Our old cat goes to the door, we open it, she puts her nose out, sniffs, turns and looks at us with an expression that says "you've got to be joking" and trots off to find a warm spot under a radiator.
    Carol xx

  2. Hi Rosezeeta...You clearly had so much fun in the snow...I love your happy pics. Bertie, Charlie and Bailey are all so sweet!
    Hope you have a great week,
    Susan x

  3. They are so cute Rosezeeta. I love to play in the snow too! The first picture on your last post was so pretty.