Saturday, January 19, 2013

Stay At Home Snow Day.

Hi everyone. What a surprise! they said Cornwall would not get any white stuff. Well  look at my garden...

I was up really early still expecting to do the school  run........ What a fool! I was so excited I had to wake
the children up. The dogs who never put a paw outside the door if there is a possibility of rain, hurled themselves out and was running around  loving it.

As you can see it is still quite dark, but we had to venture outside. Well I could not wait .ITS SNOWING!

School coaches were cancelled to my sons delight.I did not want to risk driving .So it was a stay at home snow day.  Lots of hot chocolate by the aga..

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  1. Thanks for popping by my blog, they said we'd have lots of snow and we haven't had hardly any, I think I will stick to looking out the window for the weather forecast in future, stay warm and cosy by your aga!