Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meet Star, Willow and Shadow.

I've done posts about all our other pets. So I thought you would like to meet our ponies. We are very lucky to keep them at the end of our village. On a sunny day we like to go down the country lanes and walk our dogs at the same time. It keeps us all fit and it's lovely to say Hi to all the other animals along the way.

This is our horses on a less sunny day! They coped well when we had that white stuff recently.

                                        We have two ponies and one Shetland.

Here is our cute Shetland Shadow, he is a gelding and will be 4 years old this May. We love him to bits.

This is Star. She is a Palomino and will be 6 years old this April. She is strong willed and likes her own way.

Willow is a Appaloosa and will be 8 years old this June. She is really gentle and quite a sweetheart.

We have now gone from snow to mud! roll on the SUMMER......