Monday, September 09, 2013


As you know if you have read my last posts I have spent most of the summer down our stables working.

This day was much the same except we had taken Bertie, Charlie and Bailey our little dogs with us.
It was time to go home and we were putting the dogs in the car when..........

My daughter said Mum there's a cat under the trailer.

We do get the odd cat visit but not many as we are down a country lane not near any houses.

So on my hands and knees I took a look. And there was this tiny black and white kitten.

We had some milk left over from tea and coffee so I put this down. The kitten made a dive at it. So  I made a dive for the kitten but just could not get a tight hold and it run further under the trailer. So we tried again.
This time I knew I had to get it and I did..

It had no collar and no name tag.  So we took it home with us. It would not of survived on its own, far too young.

We had a look and decided it was a girl. No one near us had lost a kitten. So we cared for her and called her Misty, after many family debates to find a name. We brought her a new bed, litter tray and various toys.
She seemed to fit in well and was happy.......

We had her a week but we knew we had to check  for a chip. So I had to take her to the vets. I was praying she did not have a chip as we had all got really attached to her.

NO CHIP! So I was really happy. The vet checked her out and said she was approx 3 months and healthy   and by the way She was a HE!

So back to the drawing board for names..................

Meet Maximillian our new family pet.

                     He already loves his cuddles.

His so cute and is now getting to know the other family pets slowly.....


  1. Maximillion is adorable! What beautiful markings he has ♥ Just found your lovely blog today ~ will stop by again.

  2. Oh, what a sweet little Kitty he is, too. Thank heavens for kind people like yourself, Rosezeeta, giving "Mister" a loving home, a full tummy, and a cosy warm bed. x

  3. Thanks Deb for your lovely comments.

  4. Susan Maximillion is right at home. He has wrapped us all under his spell.Thank you for your comments.