Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Now that the horses are sorted out in their new paddocks. It made me think about what to do with the rest of the land. .Last year the local farmer who supplies me with my hay and straw, did not have any hay because of all the bad weather last year. It was quite a problem and I had to keep them out as much as possible.      I had to cut the rest of the field, so I decided to make my own.

So lucky for me  I have a sit on lawn mower with a trailer Not a fancy new one but a old faithful one brought second hand of a local villager. So I set to work.

I spent a good couple of days just cutting. But that part is the fun bit.  I still have one paddock to do but that
has a bit of a slope. My husband said to slow down, but then it would not be fun. Top gear all round.

            In one corner I also started planting conifers.The ground is really stoney so it took sometime.

There are lots of tress around the outside. And one large tree  to sit under for shade.

                          Chairs for relaxing {Wishful thinking}.

I could do with another entrance and found this gate. It had earth and weeds pushed against it.
I dug it out the field side. It seems to be o.k and is still on it's hinges. A little more digging and I'm sure it will open inwards. Then all I have to do is dig it out the other side. A job for cooler weather. Or maybe a local tractor.

The grass I cut I left to dry. It has been really hot in Cornwall as late. Unusual I know. Then I raked the grass into piles. Picked up and stacked ready for the winter.   Free Hay !

Lots of work but I love something for nothing and not having to rely on other people.

The hay store is full up now. So I will have to find somewhere else to store the next lot.  But I fell really pleased with myself and do not know why I have not done this before.....................


  1. Very well done Rozeeta, I am sure you had great job satisfaction when you had finished? I love the shady spot under the tree.
    Many thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Love Linda x

  2. Well done on all that worthwhile hard work...I enjoyed reading this post and seeing the lovely photos :)
    Helen x