Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Another job I had to do over the hols was to move the two rabbits Teddy and Flop.

They were in a large hutch but it did not have a run. I had tried to make a temporary one, but it made cleaning them out  really difficult.

So I moved the old chicken house to the front garden. Easy you say. But one person moving a chicken house from the back to the front then through a small gate opening was not a good idea.

Bits fell off as I dragged it along the grass. Then my daughter had to help me as I got completely stuck in the gate gap.

Finally it was in position but in more bits than it started out. Was it worth it.  I wasn't  sure.

So out came the hammer nails, screws etc. And the afternoon was spent trying to put it all back together.

My          { JUST LETS CHANGE THE RABBITS HOUSES}          had turned into a nightmare.!!!!!!!!

 Bur here is the end result.-

I had to put a new catch on and a wooden handle to make it easy to open. 

Teddy and Flop love it. They can sleep upstairs and run around downstairs even in the rain, and it is much easier for me to clean- A BONUS!

Two happy bunnies. When I have time I will give it a new coat of paint. Any colour suggestions?,not pink they are boys. Then Add their names.

                                                       HOME SWEET HOME.

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