Saturday, September 07, 2013


All work and no play number two started with a visit to the stables.

Our little Shetland Shadow was looking sorry for himself and was not his normal jolly fellow.

Then we noticed he was reluctant to run or walk towards us, even with a promise of a carrot. 
So we had to call the vet out and it just happened to be Sunday afternoon. So it counted as out of hours so was more expensive. JUST MY LUCK!


Our poor boy was suffering from Laminitis . Too much grass and treats for a little boy. Shetlands do not need a lot of grass but can over do it .

We used to have five paddocks but our horses took them all down and we have not had the time to put them all back in. So the vet gave me some pain killers for Shadow and advised he needed stable rest for a while . And that we had to put smaller paddocks in before we could let him out again.

So the hard work began. It took myself and my daughter a week to put one paddock in. It was really hard work in the sun. But finally we let the horses out and they loved it. Meanwhile I could hardly move each night after banging posts in by hand. But it had to be done for my little boy.

                          Star and Willow enjoying their new paddock.

We tried to use as many old posts as possible and had to untangle miles of electric tape. We had to put 4 rows in because Shadow is an escape artist. Some of the posts are not straight but after the 20th I did not care.  My husband and I spent another week creating  paddock No 2. So we can move them from one to the other. I'm really pleased with all our hard work and our ponies seem to be a lot happier. Shadow is moving really well now.................



  1. They make me happy too! I love sweet little Shadow...he is so cute. We have a palomino Shetland pony and he is 27 this year. You have been hard at work making your new fences and the horses look happy :)

  2. How sweet. A friend of mine has a Shetland who is 34 and still going strong. My two mares mother and boss Shadow around I have thought about maybe getting another so he can have a playmate. But cash is
    tight at the moment and my main helper my daughter is off to Uni soon so it is not the right time.

  3. When I was little and went every Saturday for horse riding lessons and one day dreaming of owning my own horse these sorts of things do not enter your head!
    They are a lot of work but I'm sure you get a lot out of them as a reward.