Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Now that I have started to get my stables under control again I have lots of land to play with.

So I have decided to plant a few fruit trees.

  The first is a pear tree. It is a small type. We found it in the reduced section of Homebase for £10.00

           I hope we will get lots of Harvest Green pears in the future.

Next  we brought a eating apple tree called Discovery.
We brought this one at our local nursery for £19.00


The ground was really hard and full of stones. So it took some time and plenty of hard work.

                             But it was a lovely day so I just took my time.

And finally its in, with a stake to help it stay upright. Star is wondering whats going on.

We have got the fruit bug. We have now brought a cooking apple Bramley and have planted that as well.
It cost us £19.00 from the same local nursery.

The way we are going on we will have an orchard in no time. Looking forward to picking all that fruit.

Have you got fruit trees? What is your favorites? What shall I plant next?

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