Friday, September 06, 2013


                   Hope you have all had a fantastic school break and Holiday. 

Sorry have not been around for some time but when I thought I was going to have a nice rest and a break .
Famous last words   -  It all goes wrong....

The holiday started with four of the dogs needing their yearly injections. Which is a task in its self. But I have only got my tiny Nissan Micro at the moment. Land Rover sick!

So the morning started with Bertie and Charlie going first-. piece of cake. Except the noise.



                               Then it was time for Theodore and Kermit.

You try getting a six year  large Labrador into the boot of a Micro!. No room for Kermit so he  had to sit on the back seat. So lots of hairs in the car Lovely.

So my first day exhausting, smelly and car left in drive WINDOWS WIDE OPEN.

But we love our pets and will go through this all again next year. Fingers crossed  my Land Rover will be back on the road soon.

Lots more work and no play next post.
bye for now.

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